The Jumbly Jumbled Jumble and the Pathless Path

Do you ever have that nagging thought that just will not go away until you write it down? And then, when you do write it down, another thought delving more deeply into the thought you wrote down enters your mind? And then another? And another? And another, until you reach a point where you consciously stop the thoughts from coming because you realize that the original thought is lost in a sea of jumbled points and ideas?

That is where I am at now, and it is hard to find any level of clarity concerning it. So then the stream of thought becomes one of finding a way to clear all of the thoughts that are confused and jumbled, yet related to one another at the same time. I guess this is where I am, actually.

I will not go into the thought or idea just yet, other than to say that it began as a small seed and is growing rapidly out of control, and I am having a difficult time pruning the branches back to the main stem while at the same time keeping the thought alive and evolving.

So that is what this post is…just a rant about these jumbled thoughts concerning a central idea. It is a simple thought, at least I thought it was when the seed was planted and first began to sprout. It has since grown into something very complex, but it really shouldn’t be, but it is.

I’m going to go old school with it, I guess. Where I would usually just begin typing and finding the path through each word that appears on the screen after it is tapped out on the keyboard, I am going to the faithful standby of paper and pen so a clear path can be found.

I hope it helps.