Sometimes the cup runneth over…

As a child I spent a great deal of time daydreaming and looking out of windows.  Be it in the car, the classroom, home, work, the library, or anywhere else you can think of, if there is a window, I’m still looking out of it. Sometimes admiring the view.. Sometimes thinking of nothing. Sometimes thinking of something. Something troubling. Something pleasant. Solving the world’s problems in my head. Solving my problems in my head. Remembering something I’ve seen or heard. Remembering someone I know or knew. Thinking of someone I don’t. That is what this little space will catch; whatever runs over the rim.

Often,  I don’t do much thinking when it comes to writing. I just write whatever is on my mind, much like now. I will ramble. The road will turn and curve, but I eventually get to where I want to go, and that usually ends up starting a new road. A new thought for a new day. My mind is never dull, well, to me anyway. It is always full of images and words that mean something of either great importance or less than trivial.

Either way, there is something always there, always working, and always searching. Try it some time. Look out the window and see what you can find.