Living and Being Alive

“But I say the priority of the Christian life is for us [to] receive life, and having received it, to be like Jesus and bring life, give life, to have our aliveness bring aliveness to others.”

Philip Gulley, “The Awakened Soul, pt. 11: Life Giving”

This one has had me thinking ALL DAY.  Though written by a Christian writer, I think it has universal implications, much like “The Golden Rule.”

What do you think?

Also, I’m pretty jazzed about the fact that I have figured out how to insert a hyperlink.  It doesn’t take much for the technologically inept to feel an immense level of pride in small technological accomplishments!



2 thoughts on “Living and Being Alive

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  2. THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE VERSES. And yes, all caps was necessary – do not judge me. I completely agree, it is very “golden rule”. Very, very much so.

    I think that if more Christians acted with this in mind, then more people would want to be Christians. So many just come across as judgmental and close-minded and hateful. I have a hard time associating myself with them and slapping that label on myself, which I don’t think is necessary, but only because of the negative connotations they have created for themselves. I think it should be more about living and loving and letting that speak louder than you casting judgment on anyway. No one benefits from that, whereas filling people with life and love is something every single human could benefit from.

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